Frequently Asked Questions about




I there any cost for using USA Rehab Centers?

No. Using USA Rehab Centers for searching for services is completely free. We will never charge for using USA Rehab Centers. Beware of Scams and dubious companies that profit from people's needs. For the service providers there is an option to upgrade their subscription for extra benefits but this is optional.

Is my information confidential?

Absolutely! Using USA Rehab Centers is not just confidential, but completely anonymous. USA Rehab Centers does not collect any information from its users. Only you can see your search.

How can I get help for my friend / family member?

You can click on the "Get Help Now button on the Home Page or "Find Help Now" on the top right corner of all of our pages. Then enter the search criteria for the person's needs. You can share the search results with them. You can also call the service provider or contact them via their own website. If you are on a cellphone you can click on the phone number and call right away.

Can I search for help in another state?

Yes. When searching enter your search criteria and scroll down a bit to enter a zip-code.

Do you take health insurance?

USA Rehab Centers is a multi-criteria search system for finding the services that matches your needs. We are not a rehabilitation service provider ourselves, but many of the service providers in our system accept health insurance. When searching, select your health insurance.

I'm a service provider, how do I list my facility?

You can find a registration tab under the dropdown "FOR PROVIDERS" on the main navigation of this website. You can also find a link in the footer of the page. Providers can list their facility for free or choose and upgrade. Fill the required information and provide evidence of license for operation as required by your state.